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How high to put tile on the wall around the tub?

23 days ago

Even after years of doing design work, I can get hung up and indecisive when it comes to my own home. I have a very small main bathroom which I am redoing. As I hate cleaning grout, I'm using a 12x24 inch tile for the shower and it will extend around the tub. In the second picture you can see where the old tile stopped on the wall. If I want the tile to stop there, I would have to have one full tile and one half tile. If I put 2 full tiles, they will come up to where the blue tape is. Seems like it might be a bit high, but I'm not sure about having 1 1/2 tiles. (My tile installer would rather do the 2 tiles.)

Any pros out there who do a lot of bathrooms who might have an opinion?

The first picture shows the wall tile on the right. The pattern tile will be on the floor. The shower is right to the left of the tub.

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