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Tuesday and Wednesday Seedlings

18 days ago
last modified: 18 days ago

Since no one commented on Tuesday's seedlings, I added some Wednesday seedlings to the post.

Aztec Headdress X Banded Broadbill on ffo had more blue in the eye than I've seen in the past - must be the cool morning.

Stinger X Razor Sharp had particularly good color today.

Unknown X Unknown ffe - The tag is lost on this one. It's either Queen of Narnia X (Inimitable X Moonlit Caress) or (Zuzu's Treasure X Dearest Valentine #2) X Arctic Lace. The bloom is just a little over 6 inches.

Forty Days and Forty Nights X Absolute Ripper #1

"Leonard" X Bat King #2 - This is similar to #1 of this cross that I posted a couple of days ago except the bloom is larger. I missed it during my morning photo session, but saw it in the evening and photographed it then.

American Doll X Bubblegum Queen 1 - It's a few inches taller than last year, but still a short one. It's one of the few BQ kids that has not increased fans since the first bloom last year, maybe because it's shaded too much by taller seedlings.

Pink Lemonade Party X Bubblegum Queen 2 - One of the few BQ kids with a soft pink color

This is a Tuxedo Junction seedling that I lined out for possible registration three years ago. This clump is the only one of it with tall scapes and good bud count. The others are very short and have few buds. I suspect grubs got to all the others. In any case, this seedling has been inconsistent over the years, and I will not be registering it. I doubt that it will make the cut for the move. Kate grows this one.

Perseus Sandals X Jumping Jack Flash had its ffo yesterday with multiple blooms. Aerial Applique is on the side. This was an end-of-the-day photo.


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