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adding doors around fireplace

24 days ago

We have a long living room with a fireplace in the middle. The room is attached to a porch we are enclosing and splitting into two small rooms. There will be pocket doors to those rooms from the living room, flanking the fireplace. I’ve seen many photos of fireplace rooms with doors on either side, or built ins, or windows. But not really a combo. We currently have shelving next to the fireplace and I can’t envision how it’d look to keep them (update them a bit) and add the doors next to them. I’m leaning towards shrinking the shelving a bit (to have them much narrower) and then putting the doors next to them, OR removing the shelving entirely and just having a little wall space next to the fireplace (a foot or so on either side) and then having the doors.

In case it matters, the doors will have full glass paneling. Also we will be reducing the overall size of the fireplace surround a bit.

Would love thoughts on best layout for this wall, in terms of where to doors should go (how much space between the door and fireplace) and if I should also have some builtins/shelving. Thank you!

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