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Which type of door will be best suited for this space on left of hallw

22 days ago
last modified: 20 days ago

We have empty space (picture added) on the left side of hallway. Right now we have no doors for that. I am planning to use that space in 2 part. 1 - coat closet & for additional storage. I am not planning to divide two parts by physical wall. I will shelves put in that way.

Space is 60' (Length) X 82 ' (Width). Distance of it from other side of hallway wall is 35'. Which type of door would be best suited. Bifold or sliding. Or any other door suggested.

I am leaning towards bifold as it allows to give uninterrupted view of space. but again left side of space is going to be coat closet. so would it make more sense for sliding doors.

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