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What to put here?

19 days ago
last modified: 19 days ago

Good morning, So this has been a blank space for 2 years as is most of my home since i can't commit to any decor - :-/ I am the type that looks at a magazine and says...."just order the entire exact same set up and move it in. LOL

I am struggling on what to put against this curved wall in the entryway. I've considered banquettes, curved benches, single chairs and a table, plants, vases? It is difficult as it is a modern home and a lot going on.

I prefer leather as I have a cat and hate cat hair :-)

Maybe a a bold color - dark blue - something unique? Open to ALL suggestions and if you have links to the items even better.

It is over 6' of space which I don't want to overwhelm but it definitely needs something. Also, replacing carpet on stairway - thinking a dark grey?

Thank you so much!

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