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Getting closer to bloom here

Every day we are seeing a couple more bloom--named varieties and seedlings. Not all of them are photo worthy, but since I have so little to post, I'll post them anyway.

Hillside Bright and Early is going to be an early favorite here. Dave Mussar's daylilies do well here and this one is no exception. Unlike daylilies like Stella de Oro, this one has a big flower.

Little Audrey is very small, plant and flower.

Geometric Wizard had some amazing blue colors in the eye this morning.

Orangutan didn't look very nice today, but we probably won't see many flowers from it this season unless it reblooms. It didn't do well in the winter and the scape has few buds.

Begin with a Bang had better colors this morning.

The seedlings are beginning to bloom but so far, nothing has blown us away. The only noteworthy thing about this one is how early it blooms. It is Lava Flow X ((Pumpkin Prince X Bodacious Bite) X (Fox Point X Randall the Runner)).

This flower was a little beat up (probably the really heavy rain we had on Sunday). What surprised us was it's a full sized flower. We expected a small one from the cross of Sioux Hall X A Little Crabby). A sibling looked similar except it was small.

It's amazing to us how many stippled ones we have gotten from crossing a red dip with a yellow one. This is Itsy Bitsy Spider X O Positive.

That's all for today.


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