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Bed and Bedding Help Needed

18 days ago
last modified: 18 days ago

We recently purchased adjustable bed bases (two Twin XLs) to replace our previous King. They unfortunately don’t work with my beloved 25 year old Wesley Allen iron bed, so I’m searching for a new King platform bed to place them on.

I chose these duvet covers to go with the wall color (SW 7727 Koi Pond) - two separate duvets since the beds adjust both head and foot independently. I need to get pillows and a bed throw and figure out how best to make the bed, but that’s not my primary question right now.

I’d like a taller headboard, upholstered or possibly wood. Needs to be a platform bed and fit 13” of base and mattress, and the slats should be a little below the edge to keep the two bases from sliding away from each other. It shouldn’t go all the way down to the floor because the bases have led lights underneath for middle of the night bathroom trips.

So many upholstered beds are tufted, but I don’t think that would work well with this floral duvet pattern, would it?

And now that I’m looking at these photos, I’m wondering if I should instead look for duvet covers in taupe or off-white with a muted red pattern, since the floors are so red?

Or maybe there’s a way to make these duvets work by adding a rug and the right color throw/pillows?

Here are pictures of the room currently. I know it needs many other things as well - like more art and decor pieces and doing something about those swags!

To sum up, the primary questions are:

  • Should I find different duvet covers that work better with the flooring?
  • Can a tufted headboard go with a patterned duvet?

Thanks so much for any ideas/advice. Here are photos of the room currently.

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