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Pea Gravel - it’s driving me crazy!

28 days ago

Why is pea gravel so difficult to find? I’ve been on the hunt for gold 3/8 pea gravel. Not crushed rock. Pea gravel. Some places will try to sell you crushed rock and advertise it as pea gravel. The difference is clear.

Arizona has all desert colors. No gold options. Just one that I found recently is called Madison Gold, but it’s a crushed rock and 1/4 inch.

I found a California company. They have a Lodi gold 3/8 pea gravel, but it doesn't look gold. It’s greys and beige, no hint of gold.

I tracked down a gold 3/8 pea that a designer used on her property in California, called Handley Gold (the one i originally wanted . After waiting almost 2 months to receive a sample from the California company, they sent me crushed rock, and it wasn’t 3/8. it looks nothing like the Handley gold closeup pictures i’ve seen, and instead looks identical to the AZ Madison gold that we don’t want.

Is there no such pea gravel available anywhere in 3/8 gold? Are all these landscapers and designers mistaking crushed rock for pea gravel? If not, where are they all getting it from?

This is driving me nuts. Our backyard landscaping has been on hold since December because we need this gravel for a wrap around path. We’re rushing to get this done before the monsoon season.

Someone told me that California gold gravel is easier to get, but when i looked, its a crushed rock again.

Help! This is driving me crazy! What do you suggest?

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