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Quilt finish, quilt start

last month
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The shower was yesterday and the floor quilt and burp cloths were well received. I have not been to a shower of any kind for a long time so I am certainly out of step here but… The gifts were not prewrapped for Mama to open but all placed unwrapped on several long tables (she got a lot) and left for folks to take a stroll and admire everything. Except that Mama didn't really see anything because she was busy visiting. I hope she was pleased when unpacking at home afterwards.

I always thought it was fun to see things unwrapped and everyone oohing and aahing (and comparing!!). Is that the way showers are held in your part of the world?

It certainly makes for a shorter time before the eats.

It was good to see some familiar faces and catch up with all the news.

So this morning, I spent some time finishing a top I started a few weeks ago, and while sewing, I was already in my head cutting the next one. Do you all do that?

It may be a while though before I get to it, but I will!


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