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Blooms so far this spring

16 days ago

My daylilies are starting up, I will really be seeing a lot more in the coming week or so. They are on the early side this year

Crazy Ivan

Fern Stone is having an above average year, but so much rain, slugs are after it.

Lillian's Vapor Trail. I moved it last fall, 4 fans I believe. It came up with 7 fans, and scapes. This will be the best I have ever seen it, I think it likes its new home

Martin Blondeel was my 1st daylily to bloom after dumortieri

Multiple Multiplications, slug damage?

Rudy's Funhouse

Terry Lyninger

Violet-backed Starling

Westbourne seafoam Candy is supposed to be a mid late bloomer, but has bloomed early the 3 years now I have had it. It does rebloom about midseason so far. Much prettier shade of pink in person

Wonder of It All

Prelude to Panopoly

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