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Choosing couch color for living room

22 days ago
last modified: 22 days ago

I'm trying to choose furnishings for my living room. The room will be empty so we have the opportunity to start from scratch, but that makes it overwhelming.

I shopped for couches and settled on the Axis couch at Crate & Barrel. However, the fabric/color selection is troubling me. I'm looking for a somewhat darker color (we have kids) but without being very dark. Most of the Axis couch's colors are light. The Douglas fabric had some decent mid-tone colors, but the fabric feel was so uninviting I quickly eliminated it. I like the Taft fabric, and the two colors that looked good to me are Heather and Ink. Ink is the one pictured in the rendering, but I'm wondering if it's too dark. I tried decorating around it, but still not sure if it works.

Would love any feedback on the couch color based on this rendering. Like does it just not work? Or it could work if I decorate the rest of the room in a certain way? Thanks for your help!

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