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Advice on kitchen floor tiles - Best material? Is white a bad idea?

21 days ago

Hi -

I'd love some advice on a kitchen floor project we're about to do on our new home. We've got black countertops and medium-shade wood cabinets, and currently a black stone floor. But the kitchen is dark and we're desperate to lighten it up; the floor is the big element that we could replace, so we're going for it. Another factor is that most of our kitchen stuff is blue and white; our old kitchen had blue and white wallpaper. My two big questions are about the material for the new floor tiles and whether I will regret going really light, in terms of upkeep. We cook a lot and have a young child, so it needs to be clean-able.

Is ceramic tile the best choice?

If we do a not-completely-white tile with non-white grout, will we be able to keep that clean? Do light-colored tile floors stain?

I'm thinking it might be nice to use black grout to bring in the black from the countertops, and also tempted to get some blue in there. Here are some of the tiles I like the look of:


Top left

Second from left

Third from left

Terrazzo hexagon


Any advice or words of warning/encouragement would be much appreciated!

Thank you,


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