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Need help picking tiles - out of my league

24 days ago

Hello I really need help with kitchen (well everything but Ill start with kitchen :)). We have to choose floor tiles/backsplash for kitchen and paint cabinent /wall color and they have to go with the parquet already in the house and not clash with the bay windows (yes the finger parquet is ugly but its in good condition so we want to keep it but we will sand it down to make it clearer ) Our hallway is a beige marble so it should stay in a relaxed classic style (not modern). Ive tried putting in a 3d program so it is at scale then changing the cabinet color and kitchen floor color for ideas but Im not sure if its good or not (the furniture in the program doesnt reflect the mess I have ) . Maybe a fake ciment style is good for the floor, if so which one, which transition lol Im lost? I just know I need something that tones down the yellow in the parquet but is not dark colored because we need lighter colors due to the lighting / area. We plan on painting all the walls a white or cream depending on what looks best with everything (not stark white but something again that tones down yellows especially in the hallway) I wanted to do a marble tile to match the hallway but its not possible as the thinnest marble is 10mm and we need a 6mm so now I dont know what to do :/ Then it also needs a transition from the finger parquet to whatever tile.

The overall style we are looking to do I guess would be what you would call country/modern rustic french (think old french classic Louis XV meets new french country in a weird but functional way, - very classic furniture mixed with antique country but nothing to heavy)? The house has a granite façade so its a bit hard.

Dont mind the poles, the stone guys just opened up the room so it has to take some time for the beam to set

Thank you in advance for any ideas, I am in france but maybe the tile I can find a close version here

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