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Disturbing gas smell coming from neighbor's tankless water heaters

25 days ago

Neighbors rebuilt ( a year or two ago) an old home next door to me and made multi-family housing next to my condo. I have a lovely backyard that I only get to enjoy for 3-4 months of the year. It is my oasis. Last summer I started to notice an on -and off gas smell in my backyard. Then it turned cold and I had not been on my patio--until now. And now I smell the

strong gas smell coming and going. I called the Gas Co 3 times and we finally found the culprit today-- the rebuilt neighbor's tankless water heaters. I am upset because the smell is strong --his meters went off and he could smell it ( finally-- im not crazy!! ) and it is ruining the quiet enjoyment of my backyard. The gas guy mentioined there was some kind of metal enclosure that could be put around the tankless heaters. Is that true? Any ideas what I can do? I was thinking of sending a letter to the owners but what do I say? It is on and off and it is SO upsetting!!!!

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