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Mountain Laurel - Kalmia latifolia

29 days ago




It's time again for the glorious display of Mt laurel. It ranges from Maine to Florida and those of us lucky enough to live in this area see this display every May. It is seen here growing in an Oak/Hickory forest in Maryland. First described in 1642, the only time I see this shrub is in the wild, I never see it in a cultivated setting.

#1 shows white flowers, the buds were pink.

#2 nice specimens in the understory

#3 the hated Japanese honeysuckle overwhelming a ML. This is why we despise the asian weeds so much..

#4. Here I'm trying to show how a large group of ML can grow deep into the understory.

So here's my question, why do we never see this plant in a cultivated setting? We've known about them for four centuries. Are they that fussy to grow? Most queries on this forum are about bitty mailorder plants that were recently purchased. We never see healthy full-sized plants growing in the residental landscape. Someone pleeeeeeease show your pix and prove me wrong.

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