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Under the kitchen sink cabinet odor

28 days ago
last modified: 27 days ago

We have a faint but funky odor coming from below the kitchen sink that is getting worse over time since the kitchen remodeling and as the weather gets warmer. We have been trying to find the source of it.

I don't think it is exactly a sewer gas smell, but more like some form of food gone bad. Strangely, it is a smell that we have also been getting inside our dishwasher, which is the weird part.

During the remodeling, an outlet was relocated from one side of a stud to the other side. The kitchen plumbing drain was planned to be moved by a few inches, but it was not. The water drain from sink works fine and there are no visible water leaks from what I can tell.

I'm not sure where the odor is coming from, so I want to understand if this is something that I should call a plumber or the general contractor about, and have two questions:

Q1. Is height difference between garbage disposal's outlet and drain pipe sufficient enough to push water out without backpressure when dishwasher is draining?

Q2. Any chance the smell could be coming from behind?

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