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What color should I paint the front door trim and cinder blocks?

26 days ago

We live in an older house and just recently got white vinyl siding put on, new doors, and black shutters have been ordered but have not come in yet. We have a deep forest green metal roof but I’m not sure how well it can be seen in the picture.

I plan on painting our front door a color by Benjamin Moore called ”shadow”, but I just realized that I don’t know what color to paint the trim around the door. Also, I’m clueless as to what we should do about the concrete cinder blocks that run along the bottom of the house, and the concrete steps. At one point I was thinking of just pressure washing them and keeping the natural look, but then another part of me wonders if they should be painted. Any advice here would be much appreciated!

Here’s the color I will be painting the front door.

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