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Daylily Flowers Down in the Foliage

21 days ago
last modified: 21 days ago

Sherry said she rarely sees blooms down in the foliage. Here are some pics of the first blooms I have down in the foliage. Kentucky and Northern growers weigh in. How often do you see daylilies down in the foliage - both evergreen and semi - after a bad winter?

Ice Cream Emperor - scapes are only a foot - 14 inches tall on this evergreen. All the blooms will be down in the foliage this season. They have been just on top the foliage but never down in the foliage. I attribute this to below zero temps in January with no mulch.

White Tooth X Skater #5 is an evergreen. Scapes are even shorter than last year, with some buds down in the foliage and others just above the foliage.


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