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Can’t decide on chairs for our white dining table

23 days ago

We have a newly built home. Our kitchen and living room share a space. The kitchen is all white with tile that is more beige with grey and brown throughout (was supposed to be grey and white, but this is what happens when you make a tile choice based in a 2x3 tile sample). Our dining table is IKEA’s Laneberg in white.

In the same overall space is our living room which has dark brown/grey/black (depends on the light - this room darker brown tones) hardwood, with a white fireplace, a beige IKEA Kivek sofa and two blue Structube Bixx recliners (if they ever ship).

I am having a hard time picking chairs for the table. Looking at black ”leather” chairs with chrome legs, white ”leather” chairs with chrome legs or beige chairs with black legs. Counter stools are also needed.

Attaching various photos for reference. Thanks in advance for any responses.

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