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Random garlic? Squirrrels?

I found garlic randomly by the street, nowhere near my garden, near where we put our trash cans. It is all within 50 feet of where trash cans are. Racoons sometimes get into trash cans.

This spring I found garlic growing along the street. It is growing in individual plants not a cluster that would happen if you do not harvest garlic and all cloves sprout.

It seems like something had to bury individual cloves. Obviously this sounds like squirrels but it seems odd. What is also odd is the individual cloves.

I am guessing that coons got into the trash and knocked out garlic that squirrels separated and then planted. It is rare for trash cans to get knocked over and for us to throw out garlic. I have no other explanation - I am in this area weekly trimming stuff so we can see the road when we pull out of our drive. In 15 years I never spotted garlic.


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