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Sunday survivors

25 days ago
last modified: 25 days ago

I feel as though I am fighting the plagues of Egypt under different guises! So much rain has caused an explosion of weeds and too wet and muddy to get in and get rid of them. Influx of lopidea bugs continues to impact blooms. And deer have returned and nipped the buds on some. I think they can take that banner down that used to describe daylilies as the carefree no worry plant to have in your garden!!! Here are a few survivors from the garden perils.

Mister Butters will have fewer buds this year

Easter Courtship

Planet Claire

August Wedding

I loved seeing this-Stealth Bomber photo bombing (pun intended!) Lillian’s Vapor Trail

Coach’s Magic Man was looking good and clean today

John Basilli

Crazy Ivan blooming low in foliage with few buds. The yellowing bud in the center has been bug pierced and will drop

Early Shift had other scapes deer nipped

Clown Parade will have fewer blooms due to bugs

The ever ugly Like a Gee Six thankfully had most of its scapes eaten by deer!!

Dark Raven showing more of the neon green throat

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