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Abandoned by Floor Co.

19 days ago

This is a complete kitchen demolition and replacement of everything including insulation, subfloor, drywall and electric. Decided to rehire the flooring company that sanded, stained and finished my original red oak hardwood floors in the living room and hallway which is adjacent to this kitchen to install new red oak in the kitchen. It also joins another room with original red oak. We wanted to have that sanded, stained and finished at the same time as the new red oak was being installed because it would give all the spaces a seamless look. This would require lacing/weaving in the new floor with the old red oak floor that hadn’t had any work of any kind done to it in the 22 years of owning the home. It would also require making a parallel joining into the room previously sanded, stained and finished by this floor company previously. The owner of the company knew we would have him back for this project once we completed the demolition and got the space ready for him to come in. It took nearly two years for us to get to this point due to my husband having two heart attacks.
The wood was delivered and left to acclimate for several days. The installation process began with removal of some of the old floor for the lacing in of new floor. Was not happy with how it turned out. Expressed that to the installer, he assured my husband once it was all sanded and the stain went on it wouldn’t be noticeable. Well, it is very noticeable and the stain was nowhere near to matching the room they had done previously. We ended up with 3 different colored rooms. In all of this time, Ed, the owner never came to our home. He started avoiding my husband’s texts and phone calls. The stain guy said that he was 75% sure he could get it to match up. The following morning he came out and applied two coats of Bona Amber seal on a couple of joining floor pieces. It didn’t match. My husband was at work 45 minutes away. So I went outside to cry it out. This dream kitchen had turned into a nightmare. My husband came home expecting to see the floor finished and matching. I figured he already knew about it because SURELY Ed had left him a voicemail (husband’s work place doesn’t allow cell phones inside buildings due to security policies) letting him know what he would do next to remedy this problem. But, no! Ed hadn’t called or texted. My husband texted him that evening and got no response. The following morning he texted again asking him if he was going to come by to look at the floors. He finally responded with a TEXT and here was his response-
Between the 2 men I sent to your house there is over 45 years of experience. They were trying to make the color match, which they did, so they could put 2 coats of finish on the floor before being interrupted,
IF allowed to finish, you could determine to pay, if satisfied,
or not.
I apologize the original stain was not an exact match.
We used the same process as the 1st time. Don’t know if the formula changed from 2 years ago.
All we were trying to do was give you a satisfactory job.
If you want to move forward I can schedule it in the future.
I the meantime I would cover the floor with the Ram board to protect it.”
First off, I was outside making sure my dog was distracted and didn’t go inside the house because they didn’t close the door. They came and got me to ask me what I thought. Obviously, I told them it didn’t match. These 2 guys , one in his 20’s the other in his 30’s couldn’t possibly have 45 years of combined experience especially when the younger one told me he was the “newbie” and still learning. The owner left us with only one option- continue with the Amber seal or nothing. We’ve already paid him around $3,800. The finish of my floor is supposed to match my living room which is Bona High Traffic HD double matte.
Putting the color differences aside, how do you achieve a matte finish when it’s applied over Bona Amber seal that has a shine? What should I do??? He won’t return our calls or emails.

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