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How to paint this room?

22 days ago


We just moved into our new house and want to start to furnish and paint our living-dining area which is arond 65 qm (at the moment we just put our old stuff in there). We are really struggeling to start the project. Everything in the room (except for the kitchen) should be exchanged. We have a rough idea of what we want. We want to have a bigger (220-240x100) table. We want to buy a racket system for the hi-fi system same place where it is atm, the boardgames (where they are in the picture) and books (where the brown cupboard is located). Since the room is echoing quite hard we want to have carpets under the dining table and probably in front of the sofa. The foosball table will be exchanged bya better looking one

1. We do not know how to paint the room.

a. The Walls are around 15cm higher than the passage to the kittchen, how should we paint this?

b. What "effect" does the room have if we do not paint the ceiling? Is that generally ok?

c. You can see the hallway behind the kitchen. We do not want to use the same colour in the whole house but where should we change the colour? Should we already paint the kitchen differently and if so, I am affraid that the kittchen looks like a 'cave' if we do so. How to prevent this?

2. Our bolia curry sofa does not fit very well.

We came up with two options (but maybe there are better ones):

a. We paint the wall behind the sofa and put a carpet in front of it, so the colour fits or we just buy another one.

Before we can start we need to make some decisions, I hope you can help us with your advise so we can finally start.

Have a nice one!

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