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HELP me with an elegant beige interior design ideas PLEASE

20 days ago

I'm looking to design my living room and kitchen with beige furniture and need some ideas.

1st pic: This is the kitchen area.
2nd pic: This is a reference image for the kitchen look I like, but I want to use white tiles on the wall instead. Should I add light wood texture to some of the furniture?
3rd pic: These are the sketches from the furniture company, which look a bit different from the 2nd picture. What changes should I make?
4th pic: This shows the current design ideas for the living room. Would a beige theme be okay with light bluish decorative walls?

Additionally, the blueish walls are decorative panels covered in blueish fabric, not painted walls. The kitchen design in the 3rd pic ends where the left wall ends, and the counter area doesn't need to be long.

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