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cleaning a pizza stone?

I bought a tabletop pizza oven about a month ago, and I recently tried it with some new dough that (I should have known) was a little too wet. i couldn't get it off the peel smoothly, and it folded, leaking some cheese and sauce onto the pizza stone. I pulled it out and managed to salvage a passable calzone out of it, but the cheese and sauce on the stone was in flames. Now I'm trying to clean it off, so it doesn't impact my future pizza attempts.

Is there anything I can do other than using a plastic pan scraper on it? Do you think warming it up in a regular oven would help with the cleaning? (I had to wait for it to be totally cool before I could get it out of my pizza oven.)

Bummer......It's an awesome sourdough pizza dough, at least when cooked properly.

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