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Help!! Does this kitchen layout work?

20 days ago
last modified: 18 days ago

I've waited 20 years to remodel our kitchen and I want to get it right. We just removed a wall and I'm playing with ideas before we go any further.

The 1st diagram is our current kitchen.

The 2nd is cleared and modified space ready to design kitchen layout

The 3rd is our whole house floor plan

The 4th pic is our current kitchen, long overdue for remodel.

The 5th is what I'm visualizing (I'm no expert)

One square = 6x6

We are empty nesters but still have family get togethers and birthday parties at the house. Our Tucson home is slump block on concrete slab. I’ve never had a good space for sitting around a table and the limited dining area is on the other side of the den and we have used it just a few times in 30 years. We tried turning the den into a large dining area but we missed having our morning coffee in the area and turned it back into a den.

I’m hoping to have room for a table for 6 plus a large island in the kitchen area. There’s a pantry closet in the kitchen area, shown in the diagram. Not huge, but adequate.

I’ll use a 30” wide range, and a 36” wide French door fridge (flexible on depth). I haven’t picked out a sink yet.

  • What we can change or move…
  • The current kitchen has a dropped ceiling, which we plan to raise and put in ceiling lights.
  • We’ll remove the pony walls and push out the wall to the left to incorporate the breezeway, giving us more room for a table, china cabinet or whatever.
  • The door to carport will move to the end of the breezeway area which opens into the carport but it can be moved to the area with the 6’ window, if that would work better for traffic flow.
  • We can remove the short wall where the current fridge sits.
  • We can move the stove to an outside wall only but the sink will have to stay where it is.
  • I have considered moving the back door to the closest window area (by the fireplace) so we can add cabinets on that wall, but not sure if it will infringe on the den area, specifically the chair by the fireplace. We considered a sliding door to eliminate the swing. We can also remove the hearth or cut it back some to give more space in the den.

I appreciate any thoughts or ideas before we tear into things. I can post more photos if needed.

Current Kitchen...

New Space....

Whole House Floor Plan...

Our outdated kitchen!

Can this work?

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