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What color purplish rose to pick?

29 days ago
last modified: 29 days ago

I am looking to purchase a purplish shrub like rose in zone 6b I love the paler color purples I think I have Narrowed it down to several similar roses after research? But need some info from someone who has one or more of them. I do like that shrub or flouribunda look and size , however I have to make sure they could take all day sun and heat tolerant(summers could get dry and over 90-100 at times). The roses that are my favorite are poseison or lovesong, but I also saw neptune,lavender veranda, and silver linings. I think a more bushy or rounded habit is what I am going for or lower but wider(would like 3x4 tall and wide). On earlier posts I've seen poseidon might not do well in heat and lovesong could be prone to diseases/spots. I noticed some comments mention in wintertime lovesong might not be able to take the cold, a lot of comments said they came close to them not being able to survive or not getting through wintertime. If there are growers in similar zones or conditions that have grown these roses feel free to give input; and if you could tell me what the difference is, if any? Also I get varying sizes on veranda, how tall does it grow for yo, thank u in advance?
.zone 6b-NY

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