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Graduation advice

23 days ago
last modified: 23 days ago

Do you remember any speeches from your graduation ceremonies? Me, either.

I went to a graduation this week, where the speeches were the usual, but I recall one of the principal’s exhortations: whatever you are doing next—work, college, military—take a course in something not related to your area of concentration. ”Find out who popular teacher on campus is, and take their class.” I thought that was excellent advice. or any course you always wondered about, or never had the opportunity to take.

I would also add, if possible, take a job in an area outside of your area of interest or concentration, such as a campus job, summer work, part time, or even an ”interim to pay the bills”. Study abroad, and if your school doesn’t offer a program you like, find one, and figure out how to transfer the credits. If they won’t transfer, chalk it up to personal credits in life.

What do you think about this advice? Did you take electives, or jobs, that added to your experience and mind? What is your graduation advice?

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