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Echeveria Perle von Nurnberg dying - unusually short roots

23 days ago

Hi everyone. I have an Echeveria Perle von Nurnberg succulent which is visibly dying- it is very small and the petals are wrinkley. At first, I assumed it was underwatered or receiving too much direct sun, so I tried to accommodate for these, but I realize now that it has extremely short roots which I believe are preventing it from getting enough water. I know that Perle von Nurnbergs tend to have short roots, but this one’s roots are nearly nonexistent, much shorter than my other Perle von Nurnberg. Do you have any advice on how to encourage healthy root growth? Should I be watering more/less than usual, fertilizing, etc? I’m still pretty new to succulents, so any advice is appreciated.

Btw it is in a ceramic pot, and the plant above the surface is only about an inch tall. When I planted it in this pot several months ago the roots were already noticeably short, but the plant's appearance has gotten worse over time.

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