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It all started with a potted hosta…..

28 days ago

You may remember..I have an iron kettle that was my mothers and wanted to plant a hosta in it in memory of her…for my ‘reclaimed’ sitting area.

This area had a partial pallet of bagged mulch sitting there for years, that I just never seemed to have the energy to get put down. So finally! I got it all cleaned up and ready for my hosta in her kettle.

Well, one pot led to another and so on…then I added my lounger…and I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying my new little ‘slice of heaven’ now. Don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner!

It’s shaded until late afternoon with a beautiful breeze, tucked back into the garden away from passing traffic. It has been my resting area as I’m trying to get the gardens cleaned up…I’m sooo far behind! The container making didn’t help lol. Today I did put a good dent in the weeding. I’m really looking foward to getting caught up….so I can take a nice little siesta in my lounger 😊


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