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A few more daylilies blooming and a pleasant surprise.

We are getting closer to lots of bloom. Here are the newest ones to open.

By the Golden Rule doesn't look good this spring, but it sent up a scape.

Vader's Choice is just a little yellow one, but it has dark scapes.

This little seedling is always one of the first to put up scapes. It has been blooming for several days. It is Penny's Worth X Peas and Thank You.

Bob and I were planting a little garden we called the secret garden. It was a little open spot among the pine trees. We had planted 4 martagon lilies there, but figured they were gone when the pines fell last summer. Bob found 2 of the four had survived and one was blooming. I am not sure of the name of the orange one. The other survivor is not going to bloom this season.

That's all for me.


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