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Help needed 1821 Stone Farmhouse - furniture layout/floorplan ideas?

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We are exploring the idea of remodeling my childhood home. We spoke on the phone with one design/build firm but it wasn't what we had in mind. They recommended we tear down and rebuild to achieve what we wanted. They could be right that we should tear down, but before we contacted another company, I was trying to see what might be able to be done. I have been playing around with ideas to keep the current buildings. I'm getting stuck when it comes to furniture layout for the family room. I would love some input on possible furniture arrangements in the space. It has a lot of doorways and windows so I don't know if it would work. I would also appreciate idea of what sizes would be appropriate for rooms. Any suggestions are welcome!

The property currently is 2 separate dwellings and we were looking to make it one house. The first is an old field stone farmhouse built in 1821. It has a footprint of approximately 24'x26'. In the 1940's a second frame house was built using part of the summer kitchen foundation from the original farmhouse that is 15'x24' and is two stories. In the 1980's an addition was added between the two houses so that they now share a wall but are not connected currently. The frame addition that is between the two houses and that is now part of the stone farmhouse is about 23'x23' and is one story.


1. A three car garage

2. Library/office area

3. Game room/play area

4. A laundry room

5. Avoid awkward spaces and wasted square footage. (I really prefer smaller houses)

6. Master bedroom suit (This would be on the second floor of the house that is currently rented). I'm not sure if moving the steps is a possibility or what kind of expense that would add. Avoided it for now, but would be open to that idea if it improved the family room layout possibilities.

I did a mock up of the floor plans in ms paint, and it is very far from perfect. So one is the current floor plan and one is my idea of how to change things. Where I'm stuck is how you could place a TV and furniture in the family room. The one wall is all window and is a great view. We would be opening two walkways to the other house and a connection to a garage. We would remove the current laundry closet and make that area open and add a laundry room into the current living room area and convert the living room area to an office/library. I'm also not sure how the entryway/foyer should be arranged. Should the door be moved down? Would adding walls anywhere help? The first picture is my idea to change the layout, the second is what is there currently. Blue lines indicate where the windows are located.

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