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Early Bloomers are such a Delight!

28 days ago
last modified: 28 days ago

Here in Colorado we need the Canadians and other early bloomers to help us with our early rose fix.

Robusta was first out of the gate for me on May 17th. Here she is a week later may 24th. She still has tons of buds to come so is not at peak but I just love seeing her out my window. Sprawling shape this year but we only cut out the dead stuff or too long stuff so she is going every which way.

Winnipeg Parks bloomed second on May 19th. Here she is today, May 24th. She is now 8 ft wide so will need to be trimmed back after this first show. She was planted with an expected diameter of 6 ft and is now encroaching on her neighbors. Cutting is going to be tough since she is a continuous bloomer and doesn't really have a pause between flowers. So whenever we do it we will be cutting off buds and flowers.

Much to my surprise Forth of July is 3rd. This was it's first year being cane hardy since previous years she died to the ground. Planted 4/19 so it has taken over 5 yrs to hold on to some cane. Probably because this was an easy winter.

Naturally I cut some for the house. :-)

Robusta, Winnipeg Parks, Fourth of July

Winnipeg Parks

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