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Need help on exterior of house!

21 days ago

Hi all,

We recently bought a mid-century modern type home that hasn't been updated in probably 40 years. We had some great ideas for renovating the interior & exterior but after getting pricing, we have to scale back pretty dramatically to match our budget.

I'm trying to figure out what we can do on the outside that will still look better than it currently does but maybe not do the full updates we envisioned for a few more years. I also know the front yard is totally overgrown so we were going to pull some of the scrub oak trees on the left so the entrance is more open and maybe trim back some of the larger trees on the right, but otherwise not sure.

I'm including both photos of the existing house & the architectural drawings with our original vision for the exterior. They were initially thinking a black wood material with vertical slats (not sure if that's an accurate word for this) and possibly brown wood or some sort of painted brown material around the windows, and then just cleaning up the brick to make it more visible.

Could we just accomplish some of this look through paint on the stucco? Or is there a less expensive material we could use? etc.

Would love any ideas you all have!

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