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Rotted bathroom subfloor replacement

24 days ago

I am in the process of replacing my rotted bathroom subfloor. The issue was so extensive that the problem affected the material under the walls and into the adjoining rooms. I’ve already reinforced with blocking between the floor joists and replaced the entire affected area with 1/2” ply. Glued and screwed to joists. The floor section in the adjacent bedroom as well as under the wall plate needs to have 1/2”. But I really want a 3/4” subfloor in the bathroom. Can I just laminate (glue and screw) a 1/4” ply on top for extra strength, staggering the seams? If I go any thicker than that, the transition between the two rooms won’t be the same. If I can do this, do I screw the upper layer to joists or just to the bottom layer?

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