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Ground Floor Layout

28 days ago
last modified: 28 days ago

I'm planning on a total renovation of the ground floor of my home and here is the initial layout I've landed on so far. I like having a foyer so that I can't see into the entire house from the front door, and I do prefer a bit of separation between the main living spaces. I'd appreciate another set of eyes (or a few) to look over the design. Do you see any areas of concern (whether functional or aesthetic)? Thanks in advance!

EDITED TO ADD: Added a picture of the current floor plan. The existing house is a 1940s bungalow so the footprint is pretty typical for the area (long and narrow). I'll be adding a second floor which is why there are no bedrooms on the ground floor anymore. I'm "topping up" the existing house so I'm working with the existing footprint which should explain the bay area at the back of the house. The orientation of the furniture in the family room isn't exactly what I envisioned either - I was thinking of mounting a smaller TV along the wall and having the couch turned around to face it. The main family room with the bigger TV and lounging space is actually planned for our basement so it's not pictured here. And the reason why the deck doesn't extend across the whole wall is because the bungalow is a bit elevated, so there are basement windows under the exisiting back windows. Thanks for all the feedback so far!

Current Floor Plan:

Proposed Floor Plan:

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