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O Dear...the yearly chaos is threatening...

28 days ago
last modified: 28 days ago

Not even past the solstice and having to make hard choices already. All my fault too. I thought, after the giant rambler craze and getting into alpines, I was over the worst but I forgot about the salvias. And the mad buying and sowing of last year. I have literally nowhere to put anything but have a largish collection of salvias which are currently sitting in 30litre pots awaiting planting...somewhere. I honestly thought I had it all in hand - had made several hypertufa troughs, grown a shedload of miniscule flax, pulsatillas, potentillas, lewisias and teeny sedums and such. Yep, this is the new way forward...and I might even be able to squeeze in a seat or two instead of fighting the jungle over my head and attacking my legs.

I had meant to remove the immense Amistad, but as it is still not pushing any growth, I was hoping it had died... but there is no doubt that it is stubbornly alive and about to break into exuberant growth. A late plant sale last year when I absolutely couldn't help myself, ordering more huge salvias (why can't I just stick with some mannerly greggiis?) and going a bit over the top with the Hardy Plant Soc. seed sale....including, to my dismay, another member of the guarantica family, a couple of leucanthas, the wonderfully architectural s.corrugata, a trove of macrophylla x sagittata and the absolute icing on the cake, the giant Brazilian reds(subrotunda) I thought had been eaten by snails, are not only alive, they have multiplied!

Every freaking year! There is summat wrong with me. My garden is less than 40 square metres...and a third of that is greenhouse! Looks great at the moment...but a reckoning is coming.

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  • 28 days ago

    Not exactly sure what all that is, but I do know that I seem to like to acquire and/ or propagate plants faster than I can dig holes for them.

    This is supposed to be my year of “ get all this stuff in the ground “, and place a limited number of larger containers where ground is impossible, or for height/ interest, and plant all the trees/ shrubs in early spring to catch the mild temps & rainy months, but noooooo….
  • 27 days ago

    I wish you could post pictures of what you describe. It's hard to believe it's really quite as bad as you say.

  • 27 days ago

    Surely you are not using all your greenhouses for growing seed? Are you growing citrus and Himalayan orchids in the others? I also would love to see pics of all these supposed seedlings you sabataged yourself with?😂

  • 27 days ago
    last modified: 27 days ago

    Arrgh...did a long post then the POS Chromebook's battery died. I badly need to buy a new (to me) laptop (not a rubbish chromebook) but need to generate some cash first. Have honestly tried so hard to sort out photos but am scuppered by ancient phone and the hopeless intricacies of using a Chromebook - tying 2 separate systems together, while not really understanding how the various accounts and Wi-Fi overlap. Am not usually so inept but take comfort that other, more techy types (offspring) have also been unable to do this...although I do know there is a long-winded way of emailing myself using 2 different accounts but I cannot keep the details in my brain as it involves numerous confusing steps.

    Yes,Jay, I am using my greenhouse (I only have one but it is a good size 12 x 14ft) for seed...and it is full, as is the garden bench (I had been so pleased to have somewhere to sit). The allotment is a bit more cohesive and garden like, Peren...but also a bike ride away. I do maintain some aesthetic control because I have more space...but yep, my home garden does tend to be an experimental mish-mash of too many plants at different stages of maturity.

    Not really moaning cos I am entirely at fault...but feeling quite worried that there seems to be a whiff of disbelief here. I would truly, truly love to show off some of my gardens because I actually am insanely proud of most of my efforts, Lacey, (and it still looks OK at the moment). Mostly because I keep a tiny garden looking interesting for the entire year - a lot of moving, shuffling, planting, lifting and endless propagating. 90% of what I have has been grown from seed or slips, sometimes taking years. So frustrating to only have words. Can't help recalling Ken's frequent statements ' if there are no pics, it didn't happen'

    Task for today - dig out massive Amistad. Not really looking forward to balancing on the slippery coping while digging in horribly overcrowded bed.

    Because the (large) plants are in raised beds, everything does tower over my head...with that leaning tendency to reach for the diminishing amounts of light. It still looks lovely at the moment...but anarchy is in the post. Mea Culpa.

  • 27 days ago

    For reassurance - I have no disbelief because I recall a couple of stunning photos from a few years back.

  • 27 days ago

    I really believe you. I was joking. The couple brief glimpses Ive seen of your pots is enough to vouch for your almost unbelievable gardening gymnastics tales. Sanity is overated.

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