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Grab bar placement advice

last month

We're planning a new bathroom that will take into consideration possible future needs as we get older. It doesn't need to be ADA compliant exactly, but it will have a curbless shower. Any advice on where to place grab bars, and the bar lengths? For grab bars outside the shower, they will be used as towel bars for now.

For the shower space, would you do a single 36" bar centered under the window; or two 24" bars?The handheld shower by the teak bench will have a 36" vertical slide bar that is a grab bar.

For the room, I'm thinking to have a bar on the front of the pony wall to use as a towel bar for now. I think it needs to be higher on the wall than what is standard, due to the valve/diverter and niche on the inside of the wall.

And on the room's left wall by the toilet I'm thinking to have a TP holder/grab bar combo product and a 24" grab bar. Or could the TP holder w/integrated grab bar go on the side of the vanity?

The general room layout is below, along with some elevations of the shower space. Thank you!

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