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What to do if you spot RRD in your neighborhood

24 days ago
last modified: 24 days ago

Hi. For context -- I live in an urban environment that's a mix of high-rises and row houses. In the front yard of a nearby house, I observed very distorted growth on an unhealthy-looking rose bush. Toward the end of last summer, I thought I'd spotted signs of RRD on the plant, but now it seems to have really taken over.

The question is -- what, if anything, should I do or say? Multiple houses on that particular block have rose bushes that look fine but could be affected. My natural inclination is to not be a busybody and mind my own business, but RRD could spread to multiple nearby gardens. I thought perhaps I could hang a short note on the bush with a link to info on RRD. I don't live in the kind of city where you could go up and knock on someone's door and approach them in a neighborly way.

What would you do? (Also, please tell me if I'm mistaken that it's RRD.)

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