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I'm getting divorced! Help me pick some new items!

22 days ago

I'm back? This time without a husband. Woo!
I decided I didn't like the rug I had in the living room so I'm looking for a new one. The sofa is from apt2b in peacock velvet. It's a rich teal leaning towards green. The walls are Sherwin Williams Dark Night. I wish I'd gone with Cascades or maybe something from tonester but I don't want to pay for it to be repainted. I can work with it.
I want the curtains to be pink velvet (see pic. They're from Anthropologie) and now I'm looking for a rug. Attached are some of my thoughts.
I require a washable rug. The first one was not and dogs peed all over it. I got it cleaned but it will now live upstairs where dogs don't go. I was looking at ruggable, too. I'm thinking peachy + blues? And 6x9. The last one was 8 x 12 and too large. I can't move the couch myself very well so smaller is easier.

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