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Island overhang with or without legs

26 days ago

We are trying to finalize details on our island, which will be between 9 and 9.5 ft long.

Our cabinet guy was here yesterday and is talking us out of our initial plan, so coming here for feedback.

We will have plenty of cabinet space in our new kitchen, so we don’t necessarily need additional storage in the island, so we thought we would have the base be 24” cabinets, and then have a big overhang, knowing we would need legs for support. The overhang could be between 15-20”. He suggested we do not use legs, and have 24” on one side, with 12” base behind, but then our overhang will need to be 10-12” to keep with the space we have allotted. His point is the legs will be annoying. If we do 24” base with 15” overhang (no legs), the width would only be 39 and we were hoping for 48.

What is the best option here?

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