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Away Luggage: I am a convert!

29 days ago

So many of you recommended Away luggage to me when I was looking to get new luggage-- I am here to say I should have listened to you (and my sister) sooner! I didnt want hard luggage... I didnt think it would be strong enough. I especially didnt think *I* could pack in a carry on. I was wrong about all of it. I just ridiculously overpacked for my trip-- and it took it all and then some. It was full and then I said, ".. oh what about this other outfit!" "and this one!" "Just in case". It took it all! I am pretty sure that I have packed more than I did for my 10 day vac last summer in this tiny little suitcase lol!

I will say... I am also carrying the MZ Wallace Deluxe Metro Tote (the large one) for shoes, toiletries, electronic equipment and an outfit to change into when I arrive/before checkin. It's pretty full too.

Still, this is amazing! I will buy the larger size but honestly, I won't need it for my next few trips. I won't need it until I am carrying wool sweaters and bulkier shoes/boots (I do have 2 cotton sweaters packed now so there is room for sweaters!)

Away Carry On Flex and the MZ Wallace.

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