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Tub controls with diverter separate from the spout

22 days ago

I may be looking for a unicorn... I purchased a bathtub that has a built-in tub spout. So on the tub deck I only need to mount the tub controls and want to mount a diverter with hand sprayer.

I am looking for controls that allow for great than 10gpm, separate or one hot/cold is fine, and for the hand sprayer I need the diverter to either be located on the hot/cold control or as a separate control. (Since I won't be using the tub spout that comes with the controls, I can't have the diverter be on the tub control.)

I am also looking for a reputable brand with all metal construction, for less than $1000.

As a note - I want to mount everything on the tub deck so that I don't have the hand sprayer cord hanging, but instead the cord feeds down below the tub deck, out of site.

Moen appears to have greater than 10gpm, but everything I found has the diverter control on the tub spout. I found Jalama by California Faucets but it was way too expensive...

Does anyone have ones they have found that meet the above criteria or suggestions on how to find if it exists??

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