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Wednesday's First Flowers Open

21 days ago
last modified: 21 days ago

Four more registered daylilies started blooming yesterday. I tried to do this post yesterday, but it went to Never Never Land. We got a good amount of rain yesterday afternoon, and I continue fighting the deer since they no longer seem to mind the Deer Out I sprayed. As of two days ago, I've lost nearly all the scapes on Sweeten Creek and all the scapes on two of my older seedlings. Unknown bugs are decimating buds in one of seedling beds.

Busy Being Fabulous ffo - I moved this Wilkerson daylily last year, and it only bloomed on one fan then. This year it has scapes on 9 fans, but those scapes are short and poorly budded. It got two kinds of grub killer last year, so I don't hold grubs responsible for this. It is an evergreen, so I think it was likely the below zero temps that affected it. I can't blame drought since I watered it. As much as I like the blooms, I won't be taking this one to Indy. I think it would grow better south of here. My two Southern friends, weigh in if you want it! BBF has never been the registered height here. The tallest the scapes have grown for me are 30 inches. This year, they are about 23 inches tall. It was registered at 38 inches tall and 28 buds!

Butterfly Moon is an evergreen that is doing well here. I don't know if it will make the cut for suitcase daylily since there are other patterned daylilies I like better and it won't set pods.

Bowtie Affair is a semi-evergreen that has never grown well for me. It's dwindled from four to two fans in the past two years with rougher winters. It does have fantastic patterns and throws pretty kids, but I will not be packing it in my suitcase. This is another that might perform better farther south.

Mystical Intuition is one of the Petits I'd like to take with me. It's registered as midseason, but always blooms early for me. It's been a good rebloomer over the years and has multiplied very well from a single fan. Blooms always open well and look good.

That's all for me today!


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