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Suggestions for a short climber for a metal arbour in full sun?

24 days ago

This metal arch was only meant be decorative (it’s not super sturdy) because rose canes and blooms can burn on metal structures in the sun in my very hot summers. However, my wife, who is not that interested in roses, is now insisting it looks too bare and needs a rose!

The criteria would be:

1. Maximum of 3m/9-10ft tall to go up the right hand side and over the top.

2. Tough, healthy and VERY heat resistant - summer temps of 100F +

3. Blooms that don’t ball or spoil in the heavy spring (and sometimes summer) rain we get here

4. The colour scheme is white, various shades of pink, lavender and purple, so no bright red, yellow or apricot tones please.

Big heavy monsters that would overwhelm or break the arch are out, but otherwise I’m open to any rose class, bloom form, once-blooming or repeat, single colour or stripes. Fragrance would be nice to have of course, but I would be happy with anything that could survive and not look a sorry, fried mess.

Any suggestions or advice welcome!

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