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Help with finalizing details for bathroom renovation

25 days ago

This is a primary bath renovation that involves removing the tub, making a larger shower, keeping storage space and as much of the original footprint as was possible. It is a 13 foot by 7 1/2-foot bathroom. We will be using a porcelain Dolomite for all the tile: 24X48 Polished for the shower walls, 3X12 herringbone for the shower floor (curbless/linear drain) and 12X24 Satin for the bathroom floor. I have attached a diagram of the layout. We are set with the layout but trying to finalize details and working through the following questions.

Tile layout for long shower wall

The shower is 64”x42” with a 4 inch ledge under the showerhead. The controls will be on the right wall (closet). The other end has a 4” pony wall separating the shower from an 88” vanity. The tile will be stacked horizontally. The question is how to place the tile on the long wall?

· Option 1 – Center the 48” tile in the 60 inches of the shower floor?

· Option 2 – Center the 48” tile in the 64 inches of the total shower length including the ledge

· Option 3 and 4– Place a grout line in the center (of 60 or 64 inches?) and have a partial tile on each side?

Also, how do you handle the pony wall side above the pony wall? Tile to glass? Tile to edge of pony wall next to the vanity?

Handheld Shower dilemma

I am planning on a hand shower on a slide bar that is also a grab bar. I’m not sure this really works with a ledge under the showerhead because of the hose hanging down? I do not want to move the ledge to the side as we don’t want the shower to be any narrower. I am planning on using a teak bench. We are wondering about moving the handheld to the short wall against the closet with the controls. Any thoughts on that? It is a 24” wall.


Even though I have the ledge I am also considering a niche in a place where it would not be seen – would prefer not to have all products on display! To accomplish that I could put a niche in the pony wall, or possibly in the 24” closet wall (along with controls and handheld shower?). Not sure there would be room on the closet wall. Pros and cons of the 2 choices?

Grab Bars

What size grab bar would you use for the long wall (60”)? 24”? 36”? This is not an ADA bathroom at all, am just looking for some additional safety. My husband is advocating just putting in the blocking as he would prefer not to have a bar on the brand-new tile. Although I agree aesthetically, I have some knee issues and it would probably make sense to have one with the stool. Or possibly we could put on the pony wall side which could work if I turn the stool sideways. The pony wall will be 48”. Thoughts?


There is not a place wide enough for a towel bar near the shower thanks to the closet. I am not a fan of drying towels on hooks. Also, not a fan of having to cross the bathroom to get to a towel as I invariably forget to move one over to a hook near the shower. Has anyone used a swivel/swing arm towel bar? I could potentially fit one of these between the bathroom door and closet door. I included a picture as an example.

Appreciate any feedback and will provide additional information if requested.

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