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Is plywood okay with 196° ambient temperature behind gas range?

26 days ago

I will be installing a slide -in gas range in my kitchen island, with wooden cabinetry (below below counter level) behind the range, with 3 inches of space between the back of the range and the wood cabinetry. The range manual states that anything behind it must be able to tolerate an ambient temperature of 196°. I called the cabinet company to ask if this is okay and they had no information about temperature tolerance levels. The cabinetry is made with plywood, and apparently shellac and some kind of adhesive. I'm assuming this should be fine with an ambient temperature of 196°, but wanted to check with any professionals out there who might know for sure?
As mentioned, I do have 3 inches of space between the back of the range and the cabinets behind the range. I am planning to install either metal posts or 2x4s in this 3-inch space, (immediately behind the range) in order to provide additional countertop support. I am trying to determine whether 2x4’s and plywood are fine immediately behind the range (so, able to tolerate ambient temperatures of up to 196°). Or, is the safety of wood immediately behind the range questionable, and therefore, should I spend the money on metal posts instead of wooden 2x4’s? I am guessing that if I do put wood immediately behind the range, it should be solid wood, so I don't have any unknown plywood adhesives to worry about?
If wood immediately behind the range (below counter level) is a concern, is there an insulating material that could be used to protect the wood?

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