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Mosaic lawn with multiple grass types, what to do??

27 days ago

Help!! I inherited a lawn 3 yrs ago that had a few grass varieties, and then my husband (who is not super lawn savvy) threw down grass seed last year with even more varieties mixed in -- did not make note of which -- and now we have a hodgepodge lawn. The biggest eyesore for me are the tall, stiff, stalky grasses that grow 10x faster than the rest of the lawn. Rye grass, maybe? I have no clue what I'm dealing with. Can anyone help identify the grasses and advise on what this lawn needs? Is there a way to choke out that tall stalky grass? Is all that brown grass thatch that needs to be removed? Hubs thatched with a manual thatching rake in early spring and was mowing the lawn with a Ryobi mower until recently. I've now hired someone to mow our lawns regularly so that it doesn't look so terrible, but would really appreciate tips on what steps to take to help this lawn look better.

Location: Essex county, NJ / Zone 7a

Thanks in advance!!

Pics show lawn pre-mowing (grass is green but you can see the uneven grass heights and the tall meadow-like grass) and post mowing (now you can see more of the brown grass peeking through)

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