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Grace Rose Farm vs Michael Frances Roses

23 days ago

You guys, I found the GRF lawsuit! For all of those blaming GRF, you are wrong. She had a growing partner that tried to steal her business and stole millions of dollars in intellectual property! Then also purposely hacked her big beautiful roses back to 2" and left them out in the winter when she dumped him for many legit reasons all outlined in the lawsuit. Perfect way to sabotage a beautiful growing business, yet GRF has dealt with all the hate and negative talk graciously! Gracie and Ryan do not deserve all of this hate. They hired experts to evaluate the roses and get them healthy as soon as they received them. It makes sense now why some people may have issues with the roses or why some roses have been defolated and are small. Also, remember people, these roses are shipped from California! So of course they are going to be overheated in their boxes. A little love, food, and water and they will be happy. I know they have been bending over backwards, as Gracie has said in posts, to help replace roses that don't arrive in perfect condition...due to the ex partner who ruined them. That grower fully attempted to steal Gracie and Ryan’s business, and when he couldn't because she walked away and sued him, he sabotaged her own root roses. The proof is all in the roses.
So here's to the truth! GRF is not a scam and has been in business for a decade. They are kind people who give so much to rose lovers. Spread the truth everyone, an innocent buisness doesn't deserve this. We know that her ex partner is planning on selling roses direct to consumer so let's all ban him before he makes a try. His roses will be garbage anyway and he will likely try to use Gracie's stolen customer lists that her ex employee stole for him. These are really bad people who don’t care for roses. All they care about is the money and that’s why Gracie left them. Bad greedy grower.

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