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Bathroom Tile Size Question

27 days ago

Hello everyone. Thank you in advance for your advice.

I hope the houzz community will be able to provide assistance with my question. Due to a water leak, I must replace the shower pan in my master bathroom shower enclosure. I plan to use the same porcelain tile in the shower enclosure and also the tub enclosure and floor.

Basically the only thing that will not match completely are the granite countertops on the vanities. But it is a beige color and I am going with an off-white floor, tub, and shower tile so I do not think it will clash.

My preference is for square floor tile and rectangular wall tile so I think I would like to use 12x24 for the tub and shower and 24x24 for the floor.

Using rectangular for the walls and square on the floor seems to be a common design in a lot of the photos I see online.

I will be using 2x2 mosaics on the floor so the slope is good for water drainage. I might do a couple bands of 2x2 mosaics on the walls of the shower enclosure in between sections of the 12x24 also if it will mean fewer cuts with the 12x24 wall tile.

So basically my questions are

1. Is using 12x24 rectangular on the walls and 24x24 square on the floors ok?

2. Should I use 2x2 mosaics on the shower ceiling also or is it ok to only use them on the floor.

3. Does anyone have suggestions about the lip and outside of the shower enclosure? The only 'small-format' choice with the tile are the sheets of 2x2 mosaics. Should I do mosaics or see if the installer can trim down the larger solid pieces?

The only sizes I have to choose from are 2x2 mosaic in a 12x12 sheet, 12x24 rectangular and 24x24 square. I am enclosing a picture of the new 12x24 tile and the bathroom as it is now. I did not design the current bathroom. It was done before I moved in.

Thank you again for any help and advice. Take care.

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